Anabolic Steroids: Are There Benefits?

Let us face it, anabolic steroids have received a poor reputation and perhaps that reputation is correct.  Yes:  it has been found that the drug enlarges the heart of the athlete; causes system in-balances; is responsible for acne, and may result in the person experiencing mood swings.   All of these side-effects, of the synthetic compound, have been reported to the general public; however, persons continue to ignore such reports.  There is an enormous amount of the population that continue to use anabolic steroids.  It is, suggested, then, that each person considering use of anabolic steroids,  to review the pros and cons of usage.

Before turning to review the effects of the drug, it may be useful, to the reader, to understand how steroids work, within the system.  There are two kinds of steroids:  the natural type of steroid, and the synthetic compound.  Steroids are useful in regulating different functions of a person’s physical-being.

Most persons, when speaking of steroids, are referring to anabolic steroids.  The familiar steroids are synthetic and can mimic the effects of anabolic and androgenic hormones.  There are different terms for the synthetic compounds—those being, juice and “roids.”  This is to say, when a person makes use of the synthetic variety, he or she is said to be juicing.

The synthetic drug comes in the form of an oral application, in pill or powder form, or by way of an injection.  If marks are noticed along the forearm of an athlete or bodybuilder, it may be a sign that he is making use of synthetic steroids.

The user of such synthetic steroids will notice their effects—effects which are tied to that of testosterone.  The effects created are positive as well as adverse.

The positive effects of synthetic steroids include a noticeable increase, in way of the individual’s muscle mass.  The compound is able to restore an athlete’s tissue; provide the user with a significant amount of endurance and cause a decrease in fat.

The person making use of the synthetic drug will notice benefits that are greatly enhanced, with regard to his workouts.  He gains inches on his biceps–very quickly.  A steroid, too, can be injected directly into a certain muscle—a muscle where the athlete would like to see enlargement.

Applying steroids, by way of injection, allows the athlete to conveniently select which muscles, he believes requires enhancement.

The user experiences an increase, too, in overall physical performance, relative to all sports categories.  He will appear more physically challenging.  The preceding reasons are the primary reasons why athletes select to use the synthetic compound.

Too:  the steroid used, in way of low level doses, can assist in enhancing muscles, as a result of certain muscular diseases.  Steroids can assist in the improvement, as well, of bone density.

The negative side-effects of steroids include bouts of anger and depression.  There have been certain users of steroids who have reported experiencing hallucinations.  Some athletes have developed headaches, after use, and have even experienced vomiting.

Certain men, after using steroids, for a while, have noticed balding that is premature, pain in their joints, trouble sleeping and jaundice.  Additionally, as indicated within the content above, there is a risk of the athlete enlarging his heart.

And as a final note:  Steroids prescribed by a physician, for illness, are referred to as Corticoids.  Corticoids are separate from the synthetic compounds, mentioned here.